Thursday, June 27, 2013

Castor Oil – A Natural Hair Growth Elixir

Although hair is not essential to life, it is of enough cosmetic value to provoke unease in anyone when it begins thinning or balding.

Hair loss and hair thinning is commonly seen in adults, but in some cases, adolescents are also suffering from hair loss problems. Among hair loss treatments, herbal hair loss remedy is known as one of the best possible solutions. These hair loss remedies were often employed to treat or reverse hair loss. In most cases, sufferers don’t realize how large a part hygiene and diet play in the health of the scalp and hair.

Wikipedia describes castor oil as a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean (technically castor seed of the castor plant). Castor oil has long been used throughout history. It was reportedly used for medicinal purposes in Ancient Egypt and in the early middle ages in Europe. It was then regarded as a folk medicine.

Hair growth treatment by means of castor oil has long been recognized in the alternative health field. It is considered a type of natural hair oil for baldness, which is actually a result of many factors such as your genetics, diet, stress level, environment and lifestyle.

Given below are some of the benefits of using castor oil for hair growth:

•    Nourishes the scalp and hair and prevents dryness.
•    Promotes hair growth and makes hair thicker and fuller.
•    Removes the dead cells and prevents dandruff.
•    Reduces and controls hair damage.
•    Helps get rid of frizzy or unmanageable hair
•    Prevents split ends from forming.
•    Helps get rid of head lice and nits.
•    Effectively eliminates bacterial and fungal growth in the scalp.

Given below is a castor oil treatment that works well for people experiencing hair loss or hair thinning:

•    Apply the oil to your scalp and hair roots.
•    Wear a plastic cap.
•    Use a towel to wrap your hair.
•    Leave the oil in your hair overnight.
•    In the morning, shampoo your hair to remove the oil, making sure that your scalp is clean.

Using castor oil on your hair is just one of the strategies to encourage hair growth. Having a healthy diet, taking essential hair supplements (which contain essential hair vitamins), getting enough sleep and regular exercise will also help you grow your hair back longer, thicker and stronger.

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