Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brushing Your Way towards Healthier Hair

Brushing is an important regimen that helps promote healthier hair. Not only does it keeps the hair knot-free and easily manageable but it also stimulates better circulation and promotes shiny locks by evenly distributing the sebum throughout the scalp.

Hair brushing also produces other benefits like relaxation since it creates a massage-like motion when applied on the scalp. However, over brushing produces negative effects on the quality of the hair, making the strands brittle and breakable.

Much like the act of over brushing the hair, using the wrong comb or brush and applying the wrong brushing techniques can yield harmful effects on the hair. That being said, it is significant to know the right type of hairbrush that should be used in order to promote the growth of stronger and healthier tresses. Since hairbrushes are created for various purposes—some are used for hairstyling while others are used to tame wild flyaways and untangle knots—it is vital to find the right hairbrush that can keep the locks in better quality at the same time avoid damaging the follicles.

The following are the various types of hairbrushes.

• Cushioned Hairbrush. A type of brush that is ideal for people with medium to long hair length. It can be used for smoothing and straightening the hair. Cushioned hairbrush also helps prevent hair breakage and damage.

• Flat Thermal Hairbrush. A type of brush that is used to help stretch out the hair, giving a complete even, smooth and straight hairstyle.

• Military Hairbrush. A type of brush that is characterized by a light colored natural bristle that is easy on the hair. Military hairbrush, which is a handless brush, is commonly used by men and comes in various sizes and materials.

• Oval Hairbrush. A type of brush that is used to straighten the hair strands. Oval hairbrushes do not add much volume to the hair.

• Paddle Hairbrush. A type of brush with a wide or large flat base. Paddle hairbrush is used to flatten and straighten the hair, tame fly-aways and free tangles. It can also be used for untidy and unkempt hair that is difficult to manage.

• Round Thermal Hairbrush. A type of hairbrush that works best when paired with a hair dryer to create the desired style. Round thermal hair brush comes in different width and sizes to add different style or shape to the hair. The smaller the brush, the tighter the curls it will create.

• Sculpting Hairbrush. A type of hairbrush used to add volume to hairstyles and good for both long and short hair. It is made out of different materials and comes in different sizes. It is particularly useful for back-combing. Sculpting hairbruchis a versatile and useful toot that is considered by many to be a hair care essential.
• Vent Hairbrush. A type of brush that is used for blow drying because its large holes allow air to move freely through the brush. Vent hairbrush is great for short hairstyles. It is good in freeing tangles and adds volume to the hair.

• Wire Hairbrush. A type of brush that works best on thick hair as they may be too harsh on the scalp for people with finer hair types. It also works well on curly hair.