Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Helpful Tips in Finding the Suitable Hair Care Shampoo

When you walk down a grocery store aisle looking for hair care products, you will notice various shelves containing all types of shampoos in different sizes, colors and fragrances. The huge selection of hair care shampoos makes it hard for us to choose the one that is most suitable for our hair condition.

That being the case, before you go shopping for a hair care shampoo that fits your need, it is important to know its content. Learning the kind of ingredients contained in the shampoo will aid you in choosing the best product that can help encourage the growth of fuller, thicker and healthier mane.

Here are the three essential guidelines to help you choose the right shampoo to attain radiant and healthier-looking hair.

1.       Opt for a shampoo with the right ingredients.

Make sure to choose hair care products that contain various essences of herbs. Chamomile, lavender, horsetail and rosemary are herbs that help prevent the onset of hair thinning and hair loss conditions. On the other part, herbs like green tea, olive and tea tree aid in stopping the overproduction of sebum, keeping dandruff under control as well as preventing itchy and flaky scalp. You also need to stay away from shampoos that contain harsh chemical ingredients such as sodium chloride, phthalates, methylchloroisothiazolinone, formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) since all of these elements weaken the hair follicles and cause scalp irritation.

2.       Choose a shampoo with essential vitamins.

Vitamins (e.g., protein, biotin and inositol) and amino acids (e.g., methionine and cysteine) add volume and body as well as promote lustrous hair strands. All of these elements also help nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, thereby encouraging the growth of thicker, fuller and shinier mane.

A hair care shampoo that is enriched with these essential elements will be the most suitable product to help restore the beauty and health of the hair strands. Although you won’t be able to find all of these ingredients in a single shampoo, you can choose the one that contains several of them.

3.       Pick a shampoo that is pH-balanced.

To maintain the radiance and the health of the hair strands, it is essential to choose a shampoo with a “ph-balanced” labeled on its bottle. Since a ph-balanced shampoo helps close the outer layer of the skin (cuticle layer), it prevents the inner layer (cortex) from becoming damaged or prone to inflammation.

Bear in mind that good quality hair care shampoos should have a pH level of 5–7. The ones that contain pH level that are lower or higher than 5–7 may strip off the natural sebum in the scalp, thereby making the hair duller and drier, resulting in the onset of breakage, split-ends and hair fall.

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