Thursday, February 3, 2011

Healthy hair regrowth with a natural hair loss product

An important thing to do when you have been afflicted by alopecia or hair loss is to achieve hair regrowth. In most prevalent cases, this condition is often caused by hereditary or genetic. Men as experts say are the favorite targets of genetic balding or commonly known as male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). This type of loss can commence in males as early as teenagers and it becomes completely apparent as they grow older.

Male pattern baldness is inherited either both parents but clinical studies show that the mother’s side of the family gets the stronger influence. This means that if your mother’s father or grandfather had experienced pattern baldness, chances are you will too experience it when you reach the age of 25 to 50. The onset of such genetic balding is characterized by a thinning hair at the front and on the crown area. Over time, this becomes worse which leads to pattern baldness. The receding hairline at the frontal area is commonly the first thing that can be noticed and the shape of this greatly resembles of an “M” pattern and a blatant bald spot at the top or crown area.

Majority of the hair care experts suggest people to use serums applied directly to their scalp to stimulate hair regrowth and to stop further hair loss. A hair loss treatment that has been used for quite some time already is the minoxidil solution. This promises good results but patients are well-cautioned as this can inevitably provide irritating side effects that typically occurred on the affected areas like severe itching and swelling, and redness of the site. Because of these side effects, there are more and more hair loss sufferers trying to avoid minoxidil solution as their daily treatment and are turning to hair loss products consisting of herbal or natural ingredients.

An herbal ingredient highly considered to be a prime and potent DHT inhibitor is the saw palmetto extracts. This main and active ingredient is reckoned clinically to obstruct DHT activity in the scalp and thus can revive the life of limp and thinning hair or even bring back the lost hair all at the same time. A product that contains this is Leimo. Leimo is purely based on natural ingredients as it boosts with saw palmetto extracts and other natural ingredients that are all accurate in battling androgenic alopecia and promote healthy hair regrowth not just in men but in women as well.