Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair Loss Facts and Treatments

Normally, people are losing up to 50-100 hair everyday through washing and combing. These hairs should be replaced of the same amount in the same hair follicle. If you're losing more hair than the usual, there might be something wrong and you must act to prevent it from happening. 

Studies show that people who has vitamin deficiency is more prone for having hair loss so make sure that you are getting right amount of vitamins and of course, eating a balance diet is a very effective hair loss treatment.

Vitamins that are rich in A, B, C and E are good source in preventing hair to fall out. These vitamins have nutrients that will make hair shafts stronger. Green leafy vegetables are good source of Vitamin A, it helps produce oil that will help protect and give more health to your hair and the Vitamin E is an anti oxidant and will help increase the blood circulation in the scalp and Vitamins B and C provides more oxygen that carried by the blood and will give more nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles which will make hair grows longer and stronger.

Reviews shows that foods high in sugar food can speed up the ageing process and encourage hairloss, in addition,  foods that  high in salt can reduce the zinc (has the key to the growth of healthy hair) and can cause more hair fall. Excessive amount of caffeine intake can formulate stress. It has been found that people who are stressed out experience more hair loss than those who don't. A balance diet plays a major role not just in our health but also in making our scalp and hair healthier.

According to medical studies, green tea is effective in treating hair loss as it is shown to be an effective inhibitor of type 1 alpha- reductase and it gives softness to the hair. Oils are also a very good remedy for hairloss and it increases hair re growth. Drinking a lot of water with help strengthen the hair, so include in your routine to drink plenty of water every day.

There are also available simple yet effective home remedies on how to prevent unwanted hair fall. Hair should be washed properly everyday and as much as possible take a bath in cold water and also one way to prevent too much hair fall is by treating the hair properly and make it a habit in massaging the scalp for like 2-3 minutes every day so that the blood will circulate properly in the scalp. It is also essential to choose the right Shampoo and Conditioner which suits for your hair type as these products has the right amount of chemical which lessen hair fall. Some people underrate the power of shampoos and conditioner, it will not just clean the scalp but it also makes hair become thicker and stronger.

Hairloss is one of the common disorders in the world, and before you do something about it, see a dermatologist so you can determine the cause and do the right treatment.
source: www.leimo.co.uk

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