Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Hair Loss Shampoo Survey

We definitely choose the right thing for us when it comes to our hair.  As much as how expensive or affordable it is as long as we get the satisfaction and result that we are aiming for, money doesn’t matter. We always make it a point that we find a way to be able to try one kind that’s suitable for the type of hair that we have.


One usually does that when choosing a certain brand in the store or shop.   A lot to choose from but one thing to consider is, if that trademark would make our crowning glory healthy and strong.  Envied by many and a satisfaction to one self. 

What does it take for a certain shampoo to be as effective and beneficial especially if one is experiencing hair loss?  Would you take anything from the shelves or you must take time to check what are its ingredients, where it is manufactured, expiration date, directions on how to use it, etc.  Might as well take a look at the model that’s embossed on the bottle, which would be the reflection of what your hair would look if you use it.  Marketing strategy it is.

But one thing that really matters is, if that product would really be of great help to you.

A little glimpse of the conversation I had with my fellow colleagues:

Jaz - I would rather go with the one that’s affordable.  In that case if it will not work for me, I can buy another one. It is just a matter of testing the market of what brand would work for me.

Mine – I’d prefer brands that are popularly known and used by Hollywood celebrities.  In that way, I will also feel like I’m a celebrity.  It would really be a satisfaction for me.

Kaye – Though it is expensive, as long as it is made of natural ingredients.  It doesn’t matter how much I spend as long as it suits my hair type. Natural ingredients are the best option like what I’m using right now.  And I’ve heard a lot of people using it and it gained a lot of positive comments.

Alie – One I’ve grown up with.  In that way, it is already tried and tested by my parents and elders.  In short, it has already been proved that it works.

Cas – Those that are highly recommended by friends.  If I have observed that it really works on her, that I saw a different aura in her, then that is what you call effective.

Marg – I usually experiment those that were advertised on television.  It is like a trial and error process.  Though it is really a hassle on my part but patience is what it takes to achieve my goal.

Euni – One that is suitable for me.  It is really important that if I buy a certain product, I get something out of it.

Bea – Beneficial to one self and I can have it for everyday use and won’t cause breakage.

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