Thursday, November 8, 2012

Androgenetic Alopecia in Men

Hair loss is devastating even to men. While there are others who just accept the reality of it all, others consider it a major insecurity. Pattern baldness is common in men. In every five men in their mid-20s, two men develop male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, which is said to be androgen-dependent and genetic. 

Being genetically predisposed to MPB means it can begin to develop at an early age. It is triggered by the hormone, DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which inhibits the hair follicles from producing hair, thus causing hair loss. While it is true that DHT play a role in the growth of certain body and facial hair, some follicles in the scalp are sensitive to the hormone.   

Typically, male baldness does not occur too bluntly and abruptly. Men do not experience massive hair fall at any given time, rather, they lose their hair in a distinct, progressively slow pattern. A receding hairline is the typical early sign of hair loss. While the hairline recedes in an M-shaped pattern, the hair loses much of its thickness as well, causing the appearance of a sparser head of hair.  

Today, people with baldness can make hair loss manageable with a myriad of treatment options. There is topical minoxidil which is recommended in 5% concentration for men. Minoxidil helps to stimulate hair growth but does not rid the follicles of the DHT build-up. This job is what finasteride does. Finasteride is a DHT inhibitor. Although minoxidil and finasteride are often used in conjunction with one another, their side effects can outweigh their benefits. 

A safer, while not less effective counterpart of minoxidil and finasteride are saw palmetto and low-level laser therapy. Saw palmetto is an herb with very potent anti-androgenetic properties while LLLT is a hair growth stimulation technique that involves the use of low-level lasers. Both of these treatments rarely produce any side effects, if not, does not at all. 

A good brand of treatment that utilizes the proven potential of saw palmetto and LLLT is Leimo. Leimo features the Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, which contains a superior range of treatments, combining the potential of saw palmetto and LLLT in hair loss prevention and hair restoration.  


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