Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Your Hair Healthy?

This is the one question that no hair expert, trichologist, or cosmetologist has been able to give a resolute answer to. Does the shine say everything or is it the texture? Is it the bounce or is it the density? True enough, there is no telling what healthy hair exactly looks/feels like.

While the experts cannot really point to the same conclusion however, they do agree to some attributes with which hair is considered healthy.

•    Healthy hair does not look sparse. It should be thick, silky, bouncy, full-bodied, and fine but dense.

•    It must not be too oily or too dry.

•    It must be capable to easily adjust to setting and styling according to the owner’s fitting.

•    It must not be prone to frizzing and not appear limpy and rangy.

•    It must be growing normally.

    Conversely, hair that possesses the opposite of the qualities is not considered “healthy”. A few of the most notorious signs of an unhealthy hair are dryness and hair and scalp problems like dandruff, split ends, and hair loss or poor hair growth.

Without proper hair care, it is near to impossible to get healthy hair unless your hair is genetically resilient. Anyhow, it is still very easy to rob your hair of its health and vigor. The series of things we put our hair through for the sake of beauty can be blamed for that. This explains why healthy hair is rare. Excessive styling or grooming, for instance, can easily result in hair loss due to the repeated pulling, teasing, or whatnots involved in the process. It could also be the chemicals used in hair treatments.

Proper hair care is of the essence. However, this doesn’t mean that more is better. In fact, for your hair to stay healthy, all you need in your bathroom is a good mild shampoo and light conditioner, that is, unless you have other hair problems. Seek professional help if you have persistent hair and scalp problems.

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